Life in Austin

As a Moreno/Rangel Legislative Leadership Program Fellow you will be immediately immersed in the culture of the Texas Capitol. For those who have not visited, Austin is a diverse and vibrant city. As a MRLLP Fellow, living within a close proximity to the Texas Capitol is key. Every biennium thousands of Capitol staffers descend on downtown Austin looking for a place to call home for a few months. MALLF staff is committed to assisting you in finding accommodations whether you would like a single apartment or to help find possible roommates.

Once you are settled in your new temporary home, MALLF staff will show you the ropes in our “Legislative Boot Camp.” This short course will cover everything from filing legislation to finding the closest restroom. Our goal is to have you as well-prepared as possible before the start of the 85th Legislative Session on January 10th.

The legislative session can be grueling. MALLF staff is committed to shepherding our Fellows through the session in a supportive and inclusive environment. We want you to perform at your highest potential, so we have created a program that allows for MANDATORY down time to let off steam, make friends and network. Our goal is to make your time at the Capitol an unforgettable learning experience, and to retain top talent for careers in the legislature. We want to see you walking the halls of the Capitol in 2021, perhaps leading your own cadre of interns.